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  • Homebrew for Nintendo's touchy handheld.
  • TOX 015 Table Sixty-Nine DS App
    Find out if you are seated at table sixty-nine in any radix!

    We all know the situation: you go out for a meal at the pub/café/restaurant or whatever. What table do you choose? One by the window? One out of the draught? One strategically near the bar? No, the correct answer is the one with the most amusing table number, i.e 69. All too often though, some scoundrels have got there first, or more likely, the establishment does not have 69 tables.

    However, dining disappointment can be averted! There may only be one (if any) table 69 but there are many table sixty-nines! Thanks to the existence of non-decimal numerical bases and this application, you can for example sit at table 23, look it up on this software, go to the bar and inform the attractive person taking your order that you are "seated at table sixty-nine! In base thirty-three." Whereupon they will swoon at your intelligence and wit and give you their phone number, possibly.

    Total downloads: 84

    TOX 014 DsKash DS App
    Remake of my old currency converter GpKash but now on a console that people actually have. Find rates for over 150 currencies from Afghan Afghanis to Zambian Kwacha with daily updates available over Wi-Fi.

    Total downloads: 50

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