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12th June 2012

There was time for this silliness., a bunny that spews coarse innuendo at you, based on the premise that any phrase along the lines of "I'd like to verb your noun" sounds a bit rude. He's also on twitter. Ironically, the bunny featured (whose name is Yoshi) is actually neutered so is probably incapable of entertaining lustful thoughts.

10th May 2012
After over eight years of producing shite of varying quality (Yahtzwii was alright though wasn't it?), toxicbreakfast is going on indefinite hiatus due to Real Life getting in the way.

But we're going out on a low and we leave you with Table Sixty-Nine, a Nintendo DS dining assistant for immature people.


22nd December 2011
Wow! Leading fluffiness site The Daily Squee has featured one of one of the toxicbreakfast bunnies in a silly hat. Merry Christmas, everybody!
2nd November 2011
Want to convert Angolan Kwanzas to Mongolian Togrog? Of course you do! Have a Nintendo DS? Then download DsKash for all your currency conversion needs.
8th October 2011
Playstats has been updated and hopefully it should no longer come up with nonsense. It should also now work with Japanese Wiis and by popular demand you can now log your stats to your SD card. Well one person wanted that feature anyway.
25th August 2011
Reversmii has been updated with great new graphics and themes courtesy of the now sadly defunct SpriteAttack who also made over Yahtzwii last year.

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