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Last five songs on my jukebox, as of 19:43 on July 17 2024
 Pan RonDon't Speak
 SpiritualizedI Think I'm In Love
 Tina WeymouthIncognito
 Wat TylerThe Mindless Slaughter of the Little People
 Sakura With The QuestsMy Boy Lollipop 永遠不分离
Hi! I am chris and this is a website I used to store things I made, back when I had time to make things. It's mainly games for long obsolete games consoles but elsewhere I also made a Japanese idol group generator, a peurile lagomorph simulator and went on an fifteen year quest to find the story behind a tape about pork pies. These days you can find me on Twitter.
5 April 2022
Host has done the needed upgrade and hopefully everything works again. Please let me know if you find anything still broken!
25 November 2021
Well this website is a bit broken for the moment. My webhosts did a software update which stopped all 32-bit executables from working - like the interpreter I use to run all the scripts on this site. No problem, thought I, I'll update the interpreter to the latest 64-bit version. Unfortunately, the web hosts are still running an OS from 2010 for some reason and the earliest 64-bit verson of my interpreter needs an installed version of GLIBC from at least 2012.

Some of the bits here that people actually use are hosted from my living room for the time being but until the host updates to an OS from the last nine years, the downloads and contact forms and some other stuff will stay out of action. In the unlikely event that you do need to download something or talk to me, come and find me on Twitter (link at top of page).

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