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Last five songs on my jukebox, as of 10:14 on October 25 2021
 Especiaアバンチュールは銀色に(PellyColo Remix)
 Aphex Twinep string
 Lolita StormSuzy (Noise Version)
Hi! I am chris and this is a website I used to store things I made, back when I had time to make things. It's mainly games for long obsolete games consoles but elsewhere I also made a Japanese idol group generator, a peurile lagomorph simulator and went on an fifteen year quest to find the story behind a tape about pork pies. These days you can find me on Twitter.
28 January 2019
After more than eight years, Playstats gets an update, with the momentous new feature that some Wii remotes will work with it that didn't before. By request I might add; I don't really do this sort of stuff anymore.

And for those who keep asking me to do the same for Yahtzwii, I'm afraid the source is in such a mess that it won't compile anymore without a major rewrite, which I'm just not going to do. And no, you can't have a go instead, sorry.

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