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Last five songs on my jukebox, as of 12:30 on January 19 2019
 Jean BachDancemix 1996
 Gorky's Zygotic MynciChristmas Eve
 Melt-Banana6 Feet Long For Her Neck
 Le TigrePhanta
 NirvanaOh, The Guilt (Live Nov '89)
Hi! I am chris and this is a website I used to store things I made, back when I had time to make things. It's mainly games for long obsolete games consoles but elsewhere I also made a peurile lagomorph simulator and went on an fifteen year quest to find the story behind a tape about pork pies. These days you can find me on Twitter.
22 February 2018
Toxicbreakfast comes out of retirement to produce the Japanese Idol Group Generator a tool to help aspiring idol managers come up with eye-catching names and styles for their new groups. Give it a go.

See you again in six years or so!

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