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Other stuff on the web we made Site featuring Yoshi, our pet rabbit, saying random things that could be considered euphemisms for something rude. Though you usually have to stretch your imagination quite far.
The Lecherous Bunny's Twitter That's right, he also tweets.
Japanese Idol Group Generator A tool to help wannabe idol managers come up with a name and a concept for a new girl group.
The Twelve Squees of Christmas: Father Toadmas Incedentally, our other rabbit Toad was featured on The Daily Squee, a popular site showing cute animals. In a previous life I had this here teletubbies site. Includes Tinky Winky's Teletubbies Soundboard, described by one online reviewer as "suicide inducing".
Mr PorkPie Man Tribute to an ill-advised Preston charity shop purchase. Now re-uploaded after Virgin deleted the original ntlworld homepage.
User:Chris My user page over on Wiibrew.
Twitter Ramblings of a madman.
Soundcloud Noise.