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  • The GP32 was a Korean handheld games console with a small but loyal following across the globe. From 2002-05, it was arguably the world's most powerful handheld but it has now been superceded by newer systems such as the GP2X, the DSi and the Carol Vorderman's Handheld Sudoku.
  • TOX 005 Leghumper GP32 Game
    Leghumper is's first team effort and is our entry into the #gp32dev Crap Games Competition 2005. The idea of the game should be fairly evident! Click on the link or the button below to go to the competition page (you'll have to scroll down a bit).

    TOX 004 Scrabble Checker GP32 App
    End Scrabble related violence in your home now, with a comprehensive Scrabble dictionary that fits in the palm of your hand! Use it to challenge disputed plays or use it to cheat by making up plausible sounding words in desperate hope; it's up to you!

    Includes both the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and the SOWPODS wordlist used in international tournament play.

    Total downloads: 35

    TOX 003 GpKash GP32 App
    Shopping online? Going on holiday? This portable currency convertor will let you know just how much you are spending on beer and whether that stylish straw donkey in the sombrero is as good value as it first seems.

    The program comes with the latest exchange rates and there is a daily updated database ready to download whenever you want the latest currency information.

    Version 1.3 Now with Icelandic Króna and U.A.E. Dirhams.

    Currency database last updated Thursday, 25-Apr-2013 01:10:35 BST.

    Total downloads: 139

    Total downloads: 104

    TOX 002 GpKat GP32 App
    Featured in the book Gaming Hacks by Simon Carless. For some reason.

    It may not look like much but that doesn't matter - it's the sound thats important. Basically what we have here is a tool for annoying interacting with cats.

    First find a cat. With cat in place and GpKat loaded up on your GP32, press one of the buttons, move the joystick and one of twenty possible cat noises will sound out. Your cat may be confused and try to find the "other cat". Or cats being cats, it may just give you a dirty look or simply ignore you. Either way, it should provide literally seconds of amusement! takes no responsibility for feline related injuries or animal psychiatry bills resulting from use of this application.

    Total downloads: 410

    TOX 001 Tubby Toast! GP32 Game
    A port of a game I wrote a few years ago based on BBC2's fly-on-the-wall documentary series Teletubbies. It was a lot like Friends but with better dialogue and more laughs.

    In this game, you play Po, the redhead with the smart wheels. Guide her around the screen and gobble up the tubby toast - but watch out for Laa Laa's ball which is bouncing around in haphazard fashion. If it knocks you off you'll have to start again again!

    Total downloads: 93

    TOX 000 Rushmoor Challenge 2003/4 GP32 Game
    No screenshots
    Unless you have any familiarity with non-league football in north-east Hampshire don't bother with this. You will only end up frustrated and angry that the five minutes you spent downloading, installing and "playing" this game could have been better spent looking out of the window or picking your nose.

    First thing I ever coded for the GP32 and is only included here in the hope of annoying any passing Aldershot Town fans.

    Contains strong language.

    Total downloads: 60

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